November 21st — Mallers on to Brooklyn for Harvest Bowl Championship Game

This Saturday night the Albany Metro Mallers(WFF Champions) Travel To Kings Bay Field Located At 2670 Coyle Street in Brooklyn NY to take on the Brooklyn Seminoles (Five Star Champions) For the 2015 Harvest Bowl Championship. This match up will put the (2015 Eastern Blue Power Rating Poll) # 2 Brooklyn Seminoles against #3 Albany Metro Mallers. Brooklyn  enters this game with a record of 14 wins and 0 defeats. The Mallers enters this game with a record of 13 Wins And 0 defeats. The Seminoles have scored 44 Pts per game (623Pts) and have given up a average of just 13pts (184Pts) for a points difference of 31points per game. The Mallers Have Scored 40pts per game (514pts) and allowed only 11pts per game (149pts) for a difference of 29 points per game. Therefore if anyone was to look inside the numbers on this game, The only thing for sure is that this is going to be a great game. The other key factor is that weather should not play a factor in this one as it has in the past. The weather man Has posted the high of 52 with 0% chance of rain.  
Game field is at Kings Bay Located in Brooklyn NY. Address is 2670 Coyle St, Brooklyn, NY 11235

November 14, 2015 – Harvest Bowl

If there was ever a game that was over long before it started it was the semi-finals between The Albany Metro Mallers and The Syracuse Strong.
The Mallers had their way with the Strong all night long. At one point late in the game the Syracuse QB had more completed passes to the Maller Defenders than his own receivers. The Mallers ground and pound game was key all night long and with the game well in hand the coaching staff started pulling starters mid-way through the 3rd quarter and the Mallers still scored at will. Tonight’s Final was 52-0.
Next week the Mallers travel to Brooklyn Seminoles in the 2015 Harvest Bowl Finals. 


November 7, 2015 – Harvest Bowl

Harvest Bowl (Quarter Finals) – Western Conn Militia vs. The Albany Metro Mallers. 
If someone looked at the final score they might think it was a close game, but if you were there you would know there was never a doubt the Mallers would advance to the next round. The Mallers scored at will in the first half and gave up some big plays late in the game to allow the game to get a little closer than it could of or should of gotten. Simply said  Mallers 54/Western Conn 32.
The Mallers will host Syracuse next week in the Semi finals as the Syracuse Strong Beat The Oneonta Stallions 19-0.


October 24, 2015 – WFF CHAMPIONSHIP GAME

Everyone in the sell out crowd knew this was going to be a battle from start to finish, The only thing no one knew was who was going to come out on top. That is unless you asked any Albany Metro Maller Player or staff member. They knew this was the statement game. Last year when CPP came to Albany and was sent home with a lost they were quick to chatter ( It was a lucky win for Albany, CPP traveled too lite, They didn’t have certain players, etc.) This year they came loaded and ready to play the Mallers. Only thing was the CPP team had one “HUGE” problem! The Metro Mallers were here to play and as one would ask the question Who’s House? The Mallers were quick to reply “Our House”. The Mallers set the tone quick and went up 6-0 in the first quarter and then added a field goal to go up 9-0 at Half. The Mallers would score again to make it 16-0 before CPP finally got on the score board with a little over 4 mins to play making it 16-6. The Maller Defense did have 2 great goal line stands and what some would call a game changer 4th and inches stand. The 16-6 win gave the Mallers the Regular Season And Play Off Championships. The Perfect Season for some would be over until Florida but not the Mallers And Sal as next up is the Harvest Bowl. The Mallers will host Conn Militia in the first round of the Harvest Bowl.



Oct. 17, 2015 – Playoff game

Just over 3 months ago the Albany Metro Mallers opened the season in Allentown PA against this same Lehigh Valley Storm team with a 47-22 win. So Mallers wanted to have a similar outcome tonight in front of their home town fans. Even though it had been 4 weeks since their last game some people may have been worried about the Mallers being a little rusty. Well it didn’t take long for the Mallers or their fans to stop worrying about that problem as the Maller “D’ posted its 4th straight shut out and the high power offense was running as smooth as ever as the Mallers handle the Lehigh Valley Storm and won the game by the final score of 41-0. Next week the Mallers will host the W.F.F. Play-Off Super Bowl against the winner of tonight game of CPP and the DC Seahawks.

Sept. 12, 2015 — The Metro Mallers traveled to NJ to take on the Garden State Gladiators

Another win for the Albany Metro Mallers, winning by the score of 35-0. This win completed the perfect season for the Mallers.  But, even better news came to the Mallers while they were in the locker room after the game. Word from DC was that The DC Seahawks had defeated the CPP Piranha 20-17. Albany was not just the only undefeated team and regular season champions but would have home field advantage throughout the play-offs.
The Mallers could now sit back and enjoy a couple weeks off and get ready for who ever they face in the first round of the play-offs.


Sat., Aug. 29th: AWAY GAME — Mallers to Kingston for game with Hudson Valley Bucs.

The Mallers brought their undefeated record into Dietz Field in Kingston and also brought in a defense that last week handed out their first shut out of the season. The Mallers also left Dietz Field in Kingston with their record still perfect at 8-0 and the Maller “D”  also handed out their second straight shut out making it now 9 quarters that no one had scored on the Maller “D”. The Mallers still remain in a first place tie with CPP but the pressure is now switched to CPP because if both teams finish the season with perfect records the tie breaker is point difference and the Mallers last 2 shutouts could be huge for the Mallers in their quest for home field advantage in the play offs. Next week the Maller will travel to NJ to take on the Garden State Gladiators in the final week of the regular season for the Mallers.

Sat., Aug. 22, 2015: AWAY GAME — Mallers to Brooklyn

Maller Football returns to Brooklyn as the Mallers faced the Brooklyn Bengals.  This game held a lot in common with a Ronda Rousey fight. It was over as soon as the official blew his whistle for the opening kickoff.
The Mallers scored different times and when the final buzzer sounded the Mallers won by the final score of 51-0 giving the Mallers their first shutout of the year. The Mallers now move to 7-0 and travel next week to the Hudson Valley to play the Bucs. The Mallers played the Bucs in Week 2 and won that game 47-12.


Saturday, August 15, 2015 –

Bob Ford Field @ UAlbany was the site for the Mallers final home game of the regular season. If the Mallers wanted to play again this year in front of their home fans they would need to handle business not only tonight but for the next 3 weeks as they finish the season with 3 away games. As far as tonight went it was once again all Albany Metro Maller Football, as the Mallers scored on both sides of the ball and took care of business with a 46-14 Win. This win makes the Mallers 6-0 but still find themselves tied with CPP for the top spot.

Next week the Mallers travel to play the Brooklyn Bengals in Brooklyn.

Saturday, August 8, 2015 –

8/1/15 game cancelled (due to the Lancaster Lighting folding)  – The Mallers win by forfeit, 2-0. This moves the Mallers to a record of 4-0. Next Week
August 8, 2015 – The Albany Metro Mallers returned to Bob Ford Field to host their 2nd home game of the season and faced the DC Seahawks. It was just 2 weeks ago when the DC Seahawks almost handed the Mallers their first defeat of the season so the Mallers wanted to handle business a little different at home. After a long delay due to some traveling problems the DC team arrived and just as soon as they got off the bus, the Mallers were all business and took care of business as they jumped out in front of the Seahawks and never looked back in posting a 43-28 Win, moving their record to a perfect 5-0. 



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