Sat., Aug. 29th: AWAY GAME — Mallers to Kingston for game with Hudson Valley Bucs.

The Mallers brought their undefeated record into Dietz Field in Kingston and also brought in a defense that last week handed out their first shut out of the season. The Mallers also left Dietz Field in Kingston with their record still perfect at 8-0 and the Maller “D”  also handed out their second straight shut out making it now 9 quarters that no one had scored on the Maller “D”. The Mallers still remain in a first place tie with CPP but the pressure is now switched to CPP because if both teams finish the season with perfect records the tie breaker is point difference and the Mallers last 2 shutouts could be huge for the Mallers in their quest for home field advantage in the play offs. Next week the Maller will travel to NJ to take on the Garden State Gladiators in the final week of the regular season for the Mallers.