October 24, 2015 – WFF CHAMPIONSHIP GAME

Everyone in the sell out crowd knew this was going to be a battle from start to finish, The only thing no one knew was who was going to come out on top. That is unless you asked any Albany Metro Maller Player or staff member. They knew this was the statement game. Last year when CPP came to Albany and was sent home with a lost they were quick to chatter ( It was a lucky win for Albany, CPP traveled too lite, They didn’t have certain players, etc.) This year they came loaded and ready to play the Mallers. Only thing was the CPP team had one “HUGE” problem! The Metro Mallers were here to play and as one would ask the question Who’s House? The Mallers were quick to reply “Our House”. The Mallers set the tone quick and went up 6-0 in the first quarter and then added a field goal to go up 9-0 at Half. The Mallers would score again to make it 16-0 before CPP finally got on the score board with a little over 4 mins to play making it 16-6. The Maller Defense did have 2 great goal line stands and what some would call a game changer 4th and inches stand. The 16-6 win gave the Mallers the Regular Season And Play Off Championships. The Perfect Season for some would be over until Florida but not the Mallers And Sal as next up is the Harvest Bowl. The Mallers will host Conn Militia in the first round of the Harvest Bowl.